Análisis de comentarios en redes sociales para mejorar la reputación online hotelera = Analysis from reviews in social media to improve hotel’s online reputation

Today, hoteliers have problems with handling online reputation due to bad reviews they’ve received on social networks. The aim of this research is to identify the key factors to consider in the operation of each hotel to avoid negative comments and to increase their online reputation. The ratings received by virtual means in 57 Latin American hotels belonging to the ghl Hotel Chain from March 31st, 2015 until March 31st, 2016. By using the software Revinate, there were analyzed the reviews by department. Then, they were classified to developed a manual of good practices. From the analysis of those comments, recommendations were made on six areas of the hotels: Rooms, Food and Beverage, Front Desk, Business Center, Security, and Management to optimize the quality in hotels and thus improve their online reputation ​
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