Antropología y diversidad sexual y de género en España: hacia la construcción de una especialidad disciplinaria = Anthropology and Sexual an Gender Diversity in Spain: Towards the Construction of a Disciplinary Speciality

The study of sexuality from a social and cultural standpoint has acquired great importance in the social and human sciences in recent decades. This is reflected in a growing number of ethnographies and anthropological analyses that provide a new understanding of sexual and gender diversity that goes beyond clinical and biomedical interpretations. This article is the product of an exhaustive review of the literature aimed at analysing the paths taken, the transformations effected and the areas of interest relating to work on sexual and gender diversity in Spanish anthropology from 1980 to 2017. Currently, this specialised discipline comprises a wide variety of subjects since, in addition to studies on homosexuality, there has been a rapid expansion in new areas of interest, such as trans and intersex studies. The aim of this work is to contribute to the construction of the history of anthropology of sexual and gender diversity in Spain from a situated perspective. This article demonstrates that despite the indisputable international influence on the development of this specialty in Spain, there have also been specific local developments heavily influenced by the socio-historical context and feminist anthropology in the country. ​
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