Characterization of dissolved organic matter in wastewater using liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry

Individual hazardous chemicals and substance mixtures with synergistic toxicity ef-fects occur in the dissolved organic matter (DOM) of wastewater and negatively im-pact human health. Yet a large number of chemicals and their treatment by-products in wastewater makes the tracking of individual compounds nearly impossible and de-mands new analytical strategies. The thesis describes the development and evaluation of non-targeted and suspect anal-ysis methods aimed at the transformation of DOM and micro-contaminants of interest during wastewater treatment using liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spec-trometry (LC-HRMS) data. On one hand, a non-targeted method to track transformations of DOM in a multiphase wastewater treatment using LC-HRMS data was developed. LC-MS signals were ex-tracted, aligned, and had their isotopologues clustered and elemental composition pre-dicted using open license software MZmine 2 in a way that conceptually prioritized the detection of anthropogenic compounds ​
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