Los "bandos": la lucha por el individualismo agrario en Cataluña: primeras hipótesis (siglos XVII-XIX)

The aim of this article is to oresent the first results of a research project (the study of the 'bans' about enclosures conceded during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries) and to lay claim to a subject of study: the fight for agrarian individualism in the line trend iniciated by Marc Bloch more than sixty years ago. The study ot the 'bans' -documents solicitated by individuals and conceded by public authorities-, shows a process of enclosure that precedes the former laws about this subiect. The analysis of this kind of documents offers information about a latent rural conflictivity that goes further from the dichotomy lords-peasants and about unilateral practices of defense of 'the property' Ihat precedes the future corps of the Rural Guard ​
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