"Visch de mon treball y seguint los amos". Francesos i treballadors a la Catalunya de mas (Bisbat de Girona, ss. XVI-XVII)

Barquer Cerdà, Arnau
Since carachterization of French migration during 16th and 17th centuries in the Bishopric of Girona, I obtained huge data pointing out the strong presence of treballador label, mainly among French immigrants, increasing in proportion as 17th century goes on. Thanks to the work developed by the Centre de Recerca en Història Rural (University of Girona), I focused my aim to the profound changes suffered by the bulk of social relations in Catalan countryside. Which are real state accumulation process, peasant differentiation and the emergence of new social groups, amongst them, those of treballadors which I expect to have been able to clarify the causes and main characteristics through social composition, marriage patterns and involvement in labour, credit and land markets ​
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