Mechanistic insights into the SN2-type reactivity of aryl-Co(III) masked-carbenes for C-C bond forming transformations

Herein we describe the synthesis and characterization of a family of C-metalated aryl-Co(III) enolates, which can be considered as masked-carbenes, using diazoacetates as coupling partners. These species have been proved to be necessary intermediates in the C(sp2)-C(sp3) bond forming event to obtain cyclic amides, taming the elusive Co(III)-carbene species. The scope of diazoacetates has been exhaustively examined, varying the nature of the ester and the a-substitution, and a clear preference for electron-poor carbene precursors is observed. Exhaustive experimental and theoretical studies indicate that an unprecedented intramolecular SN2-type process governs the formation of the newly formed C-C bond. Furthermore, the key role of several Lewis acids as carboxylate-activating reagents is further explored by DFT calculations ​
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