Impacto de las redes sociales en los ingresos de los hoteles en Colombia, Ecuador y Perú

The objective of this research is to analyze the influence of hotel ratings on social networks and how they affect hotel revenues. From 48 hotels´ monthly data (between August 2014 and July 2015) of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the following variables were analyzed: GRI (Global Review Index), Offer, Demand, Sale, RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) and Location; by conglomerates analysis and a linear model. It was found that a better GRI favors a better ratio between sales and supply. Specifically, we observe that when the GRI increases by one unit, the RevPAR grows by 0.49%, keeping the rest of the variables constant. It is the first research conducted in South America to analyze the incidence of social networks on hotel revenues ​
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