L’Empordà dels trobadors

Reixach, Albert
This article surveys troubadour poetry connected to the Empordà lands, mainly by gathering the relevant place- and person-names we have detected while creating a map of troubadour courts for the project Trob-Eu. We have aimed at defining the context that accounts for the Empordà presence in each poem, sometimes offering new interpretations of the composition, for instance those of Guillem de Berguedà and Cerverí de Girona. The courtly networks highlighted by this survey reveals the channels of circulation of troubadour lyric, while the mentions of magnates, castles and other enclaves in the Empordà complement the details afforded by documentary sources when analysing these circles of power as well as the tensions and changes occurred between mid-12thC and early 14hC in this area ​
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