De fronteras, cuerpos y espacios liminales

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This article addresses the increasing interest of the border as a research topic in art, understood as fiction, material and discursive construction, space of cultural, racial, economical and corporeal regulation… Through video graphic artistic projects like Performing the Border or Maquilapolis, we analyze dilemmas and visual and conceptual strategies that emerge in politics of re-presentation and documentality. To analyze the case of maquiladoras settled on the border between Mexico and EUA, it will be clue to tackle in a complex way concepts such as ‘performance’ and ‘performativity’ from Performance Studies, that contribute an analysis about the relation among neoliberal economy, work, body, gender, sexuality, capital and technology. On the other hand, feminist approaches highlight the relevance of politics of enunciation, representation and visibility, as well as practices of embodiment by concepts like ‘cyborg’, ‘excentric identities’, ‘technologies of gender’, etc ​
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