Conectividad de los ecosistemas entre las reservas de la biosfera 'El Cielo' y 'Sierra del Abra Tanchipa' en México = Connectivity of ecosystems between the biosphere reserves "El Cielo" and "Sierra del Abra Tanchipa" in Mexico

Human activities give rise to processes which affect the structure and ecological functions of ecosystems. Therefore it is important to assess the wildlife habitat conditions. In this research work, quantitative and cartographic methods were used to evaluate the connectivity between two biosphere reserves. The first one is located in the southern state of Tamaulipas ('El Cielo') and the second one 'Sierra del Abra-Tanchipa' is in northeastern San Luis Potosi. According to the landscape analysis and the biological necessities of the jaguar (Panthera Onca), cartography was produced to locate the surfaces which favor the mobility of this species in the area. The research work concluded that there is connectivity between the protected natural areas; however the construction of infrastructure and the progress of economic activities are becoming a major barrier that threatens to cut off mobility and hinder the genetic exchange of the jaguar and other species that move between the biosphere reserves. It is essential that comprehensive territorial management tools are designed; which will help to manage the ecosystems in the area properly ​
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