Total solid-phase synthesis of dehydroxy fengycin derivatives

A rapid and efficient solid-phase strategy for the synthesis of dehydroxy fengycins derivatives is described. This synthetic approach involved the linkage of a Tyr to a Wang resin via a Mitsunobu reaction and the elongation of the peptide sequence followed by subsequent acylation of the N-terminus of the resulting linear peptidyl resin, esterification of the phenol group of a Tyr with an Ile, and final macrolactamization. The amino acid composition as well as the presence of the N-terminal acyl group significantly influenced the stability of the macrolactone. Cyclic lipodepsipeptides with a l-Tyr3/d-Tyr9 configuration were more stable than those containing the Tyr residues with an opposite configuration. This work constitutes the first approach on the total solid-phase synthesis of dehydroxy fengycin derivatives ​
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