El Informe criminológico aplicado a la valoración del riesgo de reincidencia en delitos viales: diseño e implantación de un proyecto piloto en la Policía Local de Salt

Bruns Ledesma, Daniel
Since 2008, several local police forces and academic institutions have been developing projects for the elaboration of criminological reports to assess the risk of recidivism in driving offences. Driven by the Office of the Prosecutor, these reports are considered as a very useful tool for the treatment of the phenomenon of criminal recidivism at the wheel. This paper presents the pilot project carried out in the Local Police of Salt (Girona), which develops a model for pre-sentence reports to evaluate the risk of recidivism in driving crimes. This paper starts with an exhaustive documentary and exploratory analysis, in which previous pilots are addressed, explain the methodology used to build the model and the impact that this type of reports can have in the judiciary, and discusses some conclusions that can be significant for the future development of studies of this kind ​
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