Cemetery tourism: Visitors' motivations for visiting the Rakowicki Cemetery in Kraków, Poland

Salinas Moreno, Adrià
This thesis further inquiries in the academic field of Dark Tourism and Cemetery Tourism by investigating the reasons why people visit cemeteries. Particularly, the study focuses on the Rakwicki Cemetery in Kraków, Poland. The research method used was the structured interview, and one hundred visitors to the cemetery were interviewed during the months of March and April 2018. The answers were classified in different categories that were created according to the available literature on Cemetery Tourism. The results show that visitors went to the cemetery due to curiosity; education and research; architectural significance; escapism, relaxation and passive recreation; pilgrimage; contemplation of death; nature and practice a hobby. The motivations of visitors to the Rakowicki Cemetery are similar to the ones of visitors to other cemeteries where studies have been undertaken ​
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