Materiales compuestos de una poliamida de origen renovable y fibras naturales de alto rendimiento: una sólida alternativa a los materiales compuestos de polipropileno reforzados con fibra de vidrio

Oliver Ortega, Helena
The main goal of this thesis is the production and characterization of composites materials from a bio-based polyamide and natural fibres which could be more sustainable alternative to glass fibre reinforced polypropylene. The produced composites materials were mechanically characterized and their properties modelled. The thermal,thermomechanical properties and the structure of the composites were analyzed due to the low degradation temperature of the natural fibres similar to the processing temperatures of the composites materials. Moreover, the fibres could have an influence on the structure and the main temperatures of the polymer matrix. Additionally, water uptake test were performwed for all the produced materials. Finally, a piece/product was modelled in order to analyze the technical viability and the sustainability of the produced composite materials ​
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