Caracterización, Inventariación y aplicación del método de Valoración Biogeográfica de paisajes vegetales (LANBIOEVA) a la comarca de Collsacabra (Girona) = Characterization, Inventory and application of the method of Biogeographic Assessment of plant landscapes (LANBIOEVA) to the Collsacabra region (Girona)

The study presented in this paper takes part of a research project (LANBIOEVA: Landscape Biogeographic Evaluation) carried out for the past 25 years and it is, for now, its last stage. It's a global landscape valuation method focused on vegetation as a main element of different units that can be evaluated. So far, the use of this method has resulted in numerous works: books, articles, book chapters, communications and presentations, and it has been applied in the study of different temperate and boreal regions of Europe and America. The method has been applied in the study and assessment of diverse vegetation landscapes of the Collsacabra shire (Girona). The objective is to verify its effectiveness and viability in other areas to the previously outlined. Amongst all studied formations, the highest values have been obtained for beech forest with common box, mesophilic meadows and pastures, and evergreen oak - pubescent oak forests. Forest landscapes values exceed those of scrub landscapes, while meadows and pastures yield high values due to a high threat factor ​
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