L'optimització de la competència lingüística i la competència d'aprendre a aprendre: l'ús explícit i sistemàtic de les estratègies d'aprenentatge a l'Educació primària

Almagro Nóbrega, M. Isabel
The purpose of this doctorate is to explore how the use of explicit, systematic reading strategies optimizes competence in both language skills and learning how to learn. The theoretical and conceptual framework is based on the constructivist perspective of teaching and learning in school, and on the concept of the two core competences of this research. The investigation was carried out by single case study of a group of first primary, in which a teaching sequence comprising seven basic reading strategies were implemented. It analyses the action that occurs in the joint interaction between the teacher and students, and it surmises how this systematic use causes that students employ different strategies in a text. The results showed, among other findings, that the explicit teaching of reading strategies in a systematic way makes the vast majority of students can use a greater number of these reading strategies and develops a high degree of autonomy in their application. One of the most important thing to note is the range of pupils at the beginning had a weak reading and, on the analysis of the results it can see a significant increase in the use of these strategies. ​
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