La influència del pensament de Joan Fuster en les cultures polítiques dels Països Catalans (1960-1992)

Rico i Garcia, Antoni
Joan Fuster was one of the most prominent intellectuals of the Catalan Letters in the last century. His national thought and the construction of a Valencian identity which was an alternative to the existing one, was central during the sixties and seventies for the different Valencian political cultures. Furthermore, the national proposal for the «Catalan countries» which he theorized and deffended, obliged the political cultures in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to modify their national approaches. The whole spectre of the opposition to Franco, from the left to the nationalism passing through the liberal right , were interpellated by Fuster's proposal. Nevertheless, with the transition, the events put away intellectuals and polical proposals such as the one Fuster propounded. The consolidation of democracy and the country's political state of autonomies eventually showed that national initiatives such as the ones Fuster conceived did not fit in the new regime. ​
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