Atributos Relevantes para el Diagnóstico Automático de Eventos de Tensión en Redes de Distribución de Energía Eléctrica = Relevant Attributes for Voltage Event Diagnosis in Power Distribution Networks

This paper focuses on diagnosis of voltage events collected in power distribution networks. Fault networks, induction motor starting, transformer energization and capacitor bank switching cause voltage events. A characterization of voltage events using attributes directly extracted from the voltage and current waveforms is done in this paper. The used attributes are highly related with the event root-cause as well as the relative location of the event source with respect to the measurement point. The relevance of each attribute has been assessed applying a statistical analysis of variance (MANOVA). The most relevant attributes have been used as input to rule-extraction algorithms in order to extract classification rules. The results were obtained using 484 real-world and 38 synthetic voltage events ​
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