Coneixement del trastorn de l'espectre autista per part dels professionals d'infermeria d'atenció primària: projecte de recerca

Rabassedas Aymerich, Marta
The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increased a 17% in all the regions of the world. This pathology has a big impact on children’s development, his families, the communities and the society. Although the word autism has been used for more than 100 years, after more than a half century of its medical classification and the increase of research about this disorder, it is still very unknown. ASD are alterations of the neurodevelopment that are characterized of an affectation in the communication capacities and social interaction, the presence of a pattern of repetitive behaviors, rigidity of thought and a deregulation of the sensory profile of the affected person. The aim of this study is to value the knowledges that the primary care nursing professionals have about the concept of ASD. It also pretends to announce the importance of a precious detection and the need of empowering the nursing professionals in the detection of ASD in the population that they attend to. The methodology will be carried out from a study of qualitative and quantitative analyses, descriptive and transversal. The study sample will be nursing professionals of the basic areas of the Sanitary Region of Girona that are part of the Catalan Institute of the Health. A descriptive analysis for the quantitative variables through the statistical package SPSS version 22.0. will be done. For the qualitative analysis the support of the program Atlas-ti will be used. The results obtained from this study will help us to know the formative needs of primary care nursing professionals in relation to the detection of the ASD in among children ​
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