Conseqüències del consum de drogues en adolescents (alcohol, tabac i cànnabis): revisió bibliogràfica

Grabulosa Manau, Aida
Background: Adolescence is a complex period marked by the transition from childhood to adulthood, which involves major physical, psychological, biological, intellectual and social changes. During this period, adolescents are vulnerable to the onset of substance use and it is verified that, in most cases, the age of onset of drug use is in adolescence Objectives: This review seeks to identify the consequences of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis in adolescents. At the same time, it determines the characteristics of adolescence and which are the factors that influence the consumption of drugs during this period of life. Finally, identify the most consumed drugs among teens and the role of the nurse in the prevention of the use of substances in adolescents. Methods: The methodology has been a systematic review based on scientific evidence items of the last five years, The search has been carried out by using the following databases: Pubmed Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane Espanyol, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect i Dialnet. Results: 18 articles have been selected to carry out the systematic review, of which the majority presents a quantitative methodology, based on different questionnaires, and previous systematic reviews. Conclusions: The role of nursing is to be essential in reducing the use of drugs among teens and, at the same time, knowing what are the protective and risk factors that influence on consumption that they present to detect the cases and to be able to perform an adequate prevention. In addition to these factors, it highlights the low perception of the risk and the high vulnerability of adolescents in relation to the consumption of substances such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, which are the most consumed and generate physical, chronic and mental consequences ​
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