How influences the migration and acculturation processes in attitudes and changes in behaviour regarding feminine genital mutilation

Vilella Gayolà, Maeva
Background Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of female external genitalia and/or injury to the female genital organs for cultural or any other nontherapeutic reasons. FGM/C is practiced in 28 African countries and in some nations in Asia and the Middle East. As a result of international migration, FGM/C is a global problem and is not limited to any cultural or religious groups. FGM reflects a deep rooted inequality between the sexes and can be seen as extreme discrimination against women and girls and, not only this, it also causes serious physical, mental, sexual and social consequences. For this reason, in June 1993 the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights agreed that FGM was a violation of Human Rights. The different European communities have developed a set of weapons to address the issue and try to eradicate the problem. Objectives The main aim of the present study is to evaluate if there is a difference in attitudes and changes in behaviour regarding Feminine Genital Mutilation in immigrant mutilated women who have lived in the region of Girona for more than two years compared to those who have lived here for less than two years. Design This study design will be an observational, cross sectional and muticentric study. It will be performed in “Can Gibert del Pla” and “CAP de Salt” which will takes part of the study during a period of 6 months. Participants The population of the study will be every immigrant mutilated women from any of the 28 African countries at risk of FGM who come to the primary care centre, independent of the reason for visiting. Interventions/Methods A non-probabilistic consecutive sampling will be used in this study. We will use a questionnaire to collect the information ​
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