Implementación de un SIG en la cueva de Cocina (Dos Aguas, Alacant)

Díez Castillo, Agustín
Cortell, A.
Garcia, O.
Among the different research lines of the Prehistory and Archaeology Department of the Universitat de València, implementation of new technologies and GIS tools in both fieldwork and laboratory work outstands. As a result, one of the undertaken projects is to virtually reconstruct the site of Cueva de la Cocina (Dos Aguas, Valencia). According to the data recovered during the last season of fieldwork (June and July 2015) we present the digitalization of the stratigraphy of the site, as well as its virtual reconstruction, concentrating on one pit test. We too provide not only a general view of the cave, but also different points of view to incorporate diverse geomatic tools into our archaeological research ​
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