Incidence of pediatric-adolescent central nervous system tumors in Girona-Spain (1990-2013)

Rivas Vilela, Susana
Introduction: Pediatric and adolescent central nervous system tumors are the second most frequent neoplasms between 0 and 14 years after hematopoietic cell tumors being displaced to the third place, between 15-19 years. All of them are more commons in boys than girls. They have been divided in 6 main categories by International Classification of Childhood Cancer, Third Edition. Data/Methods: a total of 129 patients with a central nervous system tumors in patients aged 0-19 were registered in Girona Cancer Registry, in Spain, during the period of 1990-2013. We have analyazed this sample to estimate their incidence, distribution by sex and histology of CNS tumors. Results: the aged-adjusted incidents rate of central nervous system tumors in childhood and adolescent patients in Girona was 41.8 per million-person-years during 23 years of observation. The majority of these tumors were found in boys with age-adjusted incidence rate of 44.0in comparison to 39.6 in girls with a sex ratio Male/Female: 1.1. By subgroups of histology, the most frequent tumors were astrocytomas (17.5). Conclusions: Our survey confirms the higher central nervous system tumors incidence in children and adolescent people in Girona region. Histologically, majority cases were astrocytomas. The incidence was higher in male sex ​
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