Cartografia, pràctiques mèdiques i respostes socials a l'entorn del paludisme: Catalunya, segle XIX

Torrent Quer, Narcís
The PhD dissertation starts off with the research work El paludisme a la Catalunya del segle XIX a través del Diccionario de Madoz i les Topografies Mèdiques, presented as a master’s degree thesis in 2010. By then, the thesis was already revealing some of the lines of research that eventually became the core objectives of the doctoral thesis. Therefore, this research aims first to quantify morbidity and mortality caused by paludism in Catalonia in the 19th century, second to know the strategies doctors used in their struggle against the disease, and finally to set a cartography of the country from around 1850, thus giving visibility to the present work. Beyond characterizing paludism in Catalonia, it is of our interest to write a brief chronicle on the process that led to the identification of its origins and the healing method, making especial emphasis on the introduction and usage of quinine during the treatment of the disease. The willingness to reach a more comprehensive understanding of the relative failure on the management and usage of the drug took us to do an exhaustive revision of the medical practice in Catalonia in the 18th and 19th centuries, through reliable testimony on paludism, so as to understand the epistemological fundament, which conditioned the methods used by doctors to tackle the disease ​
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