Twitter como herramienta de comunicación científica en España: principales agentes y redes de comunicación

Pérez, Ana Victoria
González-Pedraz, Cristina
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The study of the main agents, communication networks and information flows on Twitter is an emerging research topic. It has been applied in areas such as political communication, sports or tourism, but not in science communication. The present work is focused on detecting and measuring the main agents and communication networks about science on Twitter through the Network Theory. The 109 personal and institutional users who are acting as science influencers in Spain are identified. This network presents itself as a stable and compact community. The most productive profiles are the personal ones, which indicates that the activity on Twitter depends more on an interest and an individual commitment than on having a communication team. A use of Twitter is detected, not so much focused on the diffusion of contents and opinions on science, but rather on the promotion of products and events of dissemination. A restricted analysis of the hashtags has made possible to verify the strong link between the tweets and the national and international science news. It also shows the special interest that Atapuerca arouses in the conversations about science on Twitter in Spain ​
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