Gabinetes de comunicación del Sistema de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación: el puente que cruza la I+D para llegar a los medios = Department of Communication of the Science, Technology and Innovation System: the bridge that crosses I + D + i to reach the media

Bellón Rodríguez, Ana
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This article, an exploratory-descriptive study, focus on a key element in the journalistic diffusion of the work of the executing agents of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation, such as universities and public organizations: the communication departments. These have emerged in recent decades and generate scientific and technological information likely to be the subject of media coverage. It formulates questions and offers answers on this type of departements in the field of the external communication with the rule of the 6ws of the journalistic profession. It establishes its particularities and singularities in aspects such as news values, press releases or press conferences, which are explained by the type of information with which they work, specialized and, within it, scientific and technological. The article analyzes their relationship with two elements involved in the content that disseminate to the media: the research staff that generates the subjetc and the journalist who receives and prepares it for the media. The article proposes good practices to follow in his role as intermediary between both, in which professional respect and understanding of the differences and similarities between the scientific and journalistic world must prevail ​
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