Global initiatives to locally explore teh user experience The case of the Turin world usability day

Frisiello, Antonella
Actis-Grosso, Rossana
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Literature shows how technology and scientific progress require and facilitate an multidisciplinary approach. Among the hybrid areas of study and intervention, the User Experience (UX) is currently experiencing a renewed phase of interest. Focusing on the relationship between people and systems, the UX is progressively widening its stakeholders’ audience: over academy and industry, public administrations, educational institutions, start-ups, freelancers are turning their attention to it. This work presents a reflection based on a global initiative, the World Usability Day, that authors organized in locally. The data collected on contents and audience of the first 3 editions of Turin WUD highlights the importance, advantages and difficulties of organizing face-to-face events to promote cross-fertilization and knowledge sharing among professionals ​
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