La interdisciplinariedad en los artículos de comunicación de las revistas de salud pública de SCIELO

Terrón Blanco, José Luís
Vialás Fernández, Simón
Jacobetty, Pedro
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Communication should be an essential field for public health, as its actions are often communicative acts or interventions aimed at health promotion. On the other hand, all the authors studied maintain that one of the characteristics of the public health is interdisciplinarity. In this research we asked ourselves to what extent the public health publications insert articles in which communication plays a leading role and whether these articles are interdisciplinary. This is an exploratory investigation, the methodology of which is content analysis; to carry it out, an automatic and manual revision of the texts that have been submitted to the study was carried out. The sample is composed of all articles from the public health journals (18) of the SCIELO platform between 2005 and 2015 (included). Of the total number of articles (19,886), those chosen were those that the platform itself characterizes as’ communication’ (n=124), and of these, those that were interdisciplinary (n=23). Among the results, it is worth highlighting the low degree of interdisciplinarity, which is manifested, except in 3 cases, in a binary way, with the most prevalent relationship being that of the health, social and legal sciences; only in 6 articles there is interdisciplinarity between the fields of health and communication. It should also be noted that the majority of senior researchers (52%) and collaborators (48%) are in the health field and that interdisciplinarity appears only in 9 journals, with a concentration of articles in 1, Interface, with 11 ​
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