Empresas inclusivas, reinventando la Calidad de Vida: una revisión teórica = Inclusive Companies, Reinventing Quality of Life: A Theoretical Review

The global economy has suffered a serious and rapid slowdown that has led to unemployment and a shortage of decent work, fundamentally affecting the most vulnerable sectors of society. In order to overcome the inequality and exclusion inherent in the current economic system, companies that are termed 'inclusive' produce opportunities for development and aim to improve the quality of life of those who suffer social exclusion. This study aims to describe the main characteristics of inclusive companies based on four fundamental principles: values, team management, corporate social responsibility, and responsible marketing. This theoretical review of the most important studies concludes that there is a need for inclusive companies that contribute to the common good while generating profits. Such companies also have to be smart, championed by leaders who promote the use of information technologies and communication to improve citizens' quality of life. Likewise, companies have to be sustainable, balancing business development on the one hand with the environment and protection of the planet on the other. In essence, in order to move towards a new ethics and business policy, society needs companies that are committed to inclusive development ​
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