La ceràmica grisa monocroma de mas Gusó (Bellcaire d'Empordà)

Casas, Josep
Soler, Victòria
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Mas Gusó is a long-occupied archaeological site: from the Late Neolithic down to the end of 3rd century AD. This feature is able to carry on many varied kinds of researches about several aspects of its dilated evolution and, of course, the material culture, particularly the ceramic productions deposited along the centuries in the archaeological stratigraphy of the hill that constitutes the core of the successive settlements. Regarding the time that coincides with the foundation and the early life of the Palaià Polis of Empúries, one noteworthy feature is the presence of the most ancient colonial productions; among them there is the Greek Grey Monochrome pottery, which is studied in this paper. This production is an important index fossil for dating, particularly, the levels of the 6th century BC ​
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