El estilo de una corte: apuntes sobre Virgilio Malvezzi y el laconismo hispano

Virgilio Malvezzi was a greatly successful Italian author in the court of Filipe IV following the classic biographical translation of Il Romulo (1629) into Spanish by Francisco de Quevedo in 1632, becoming one of the models of laconic prose in Castilian. Court authors like Quevedo or Diego de Saavedra Fajardo wrote their political works in laconic prose in the fashion of Il Romulo, and its influence can be seen in secondary authors like Mártir Rizo as well as authors beginning to write by the middle to late 1630’s. A fundamental example is Baltasar Gracián who, with his three minor works (El héroe, El discreto and El político), fully demonstrates the new courtesan style with a degree of elaborate and exceptional refinement and emerges as a classic example of the laconic style ​
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