L’herbassar de felandri fistulós i baldèl·lia (Baldellio ranunculoidis-Oenanthetum fistulosae), una nova associació herbàcia higròfila dels Països Catalans

We have carried out an ecological and phytosociological classification of the meadows of Eleocharis palustris s. l. described in Catalan countries and propose a new herbaceous association characterised by Eleocharis palustris subsp. palustris, Baldellia ranunculoides, Oenanthe fistulosa, Gratiola officinalis, Mentha pulegium and Eleocharis palustris subsp. uniglumis. This community has been established in various palustral areas (wetlands, temporary ponds and hay meadows) of north-eastern Catalonia in an area of Fraxinus angustifolia forests (Ulmenion minoris and Populion albae). It forms a transitional catenal association between the communities of Phragmitetalia or Juncenion acutiflori and Arrhenatherion elatioris or Molinio-Holoschoenion vulgaris. Although the association has low plant richness (on average 12 taxa per inventory), it constitutes a unique habitat because it acts as a refuge for various rare or endangered species within the limits of the Catalan Countries, such as Cardamine parviflora, Rorippa aspera subsp. aspera, Veronica scutellata or Senecio aquaticus subsp. aquaticus ​
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