Per què hi ha formigues del Montgrí (Girona) que no es troben a l'illa Meda Gran

Espadaler, Xavier
Suñer, David
After comparing the ant species from the Montgn' massif and the nearby Meda Gran island we propose some hypothesis for the absence of some species from the island. Differential colonizing capacity of propagules explains why Myrmica spp. and Crematogaster scutellaris cannot establish themselves (humid spots and trees, respectively). Aphaenogaster senilis, Cataglyphis piliscapus and Linepithema humile, though could actually inhabit the island, are prevented to reach the land due to the terrestrial mode of propagule dispersal. Competitive exclussion would explain the absence of some Messor, Aphaenogaster, Tapinoma, Camponotus and, perhaps, Goniomma species. We cannot provide any biological hypothesis for the absence of Formica and Tetramorium ​
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