Espacio e imagen de la Justicia: lecturas en torno al retablo del Consulado de Mar de Perpiñán

In addition to its devotional and religious value, the altarpiece beloging to the Consulate of the Sea in Perpignan display a complex composition of a civil and moral kind. Through the juxtaposition between the mejestic image of the Trinity surrounded by evangelist, prophets and patriarcs and a scene portraying a busy port, the author of the theme created and original allegory of Justice and the beneficiary consequences derived by its correct application by merchant managers. This exhaltation of the political value of Justice has its ideological fondation in the scholastic culture and in particular in the civic doctrines of Francesc Eiximenis, one of its most distinguished representatives in Catalonia during the late middle ages. Combined with this diverse historic circumstances lead us to interpret the painting as a solemn expression of the pride and glory of its sponsors, the consulships of the Sea, and of the institution to wich they belonged ​
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