Cambios recientes en el paisaje litoral de la Costa Brava

In this article, we study the transformation of coastal landscapes of the Costa Brava by analyzing changes in land use over the past 50 years through the photo interpretation of contact prints and orthoimages of 3 periods: 1957, 1980 and 2003. The results show that urbanized areas have expanded significantly mainly at the expense of agricultural land, while forest areas have remained virtually unchanged, although their spatial location and structure have been altered. The traditional pattern of compact urban areas has been affected by the proliferation of housing estates, shopping malls and leisure areas that have spread throughout the territory with no spatial logic. This phenomenon, together with the development of communications infrastructures, has led to the ecological fragmentation of the agroforest mosaic characterizing the former rural landscape. To predict land use change and determine future scenarios, Markov chains and cellular automata were applied ​
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