El turismo rural-cultural: un modelo de gestión del marketing turístico a nivel local basado en la medida de la imagen del destino

Royo Vela, Marcelo
Day trips and tourism in, rural villages with a rich historical heritage are to be found in this country as in others of similar characteristics. This work presents a conceptualisation and definition of what is understood as day trips or tourism in rural/cultural destinations and it proposes a combination of variables which conform to the image of the destination and characteristics of these types of trips and of the day tripper or rural/cultural tourist. The principal results of the empirical investigation, which by its very nature is a qualitative and quantitative one, are the identification of a combination of cognitive/affective components which conform to the image; a high internal consistence and correlation of the same with the image of the destination; a description of the main characteristics of this kind of day trip; the main sources of information and motives for rural/cultural tourism. On this basis is point out a local tourism marketing management model based on image destination and its measure ​
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