14C dating of the last Croscat volcano eruption (Garrotxa region, NE Iberian Peninsula)

Puiguriguer Ferrando, Marta
Bassols Isamat, Emili
Burjachs i Casas, Francesc
Expósito Ramos, Inmaculada
Planagumà, Llorenç
Saña Seguí, Maria
In this shortnote, we present the results of a geochronological study of the last eruption in the volcanic region of the Garrotxa (NE Iberian Peninsula). Four 14 C analysis of organic matter contained in palaeosols located under volcanic pyroclastic fall deposits of the Croscat volcano were made. The samples gave ages between 13160 and 15710 years cal BP, and are in accord with our palynological analysis and climate reconstruction at that time. The ages that we report are the youngest obtained for volcanic activity in the Iberian Peninsula ​
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