El uso de los medios audiovisuales en la adolescencia y su relación con el bienestar subjetivo: análisis cualitativo desde la perspectiva intergeneracional y de género = The use of audiovisual media in adolescence and its relationship with subjective well-being: a qualitative analysis from an intergenerational and gender perspective

This paper presents the results of a qualitative research that explores, from an intergenerational and gender perspective, how the use of audiovisual media influences to personal well-being in adolescence. Three, semi-structured group interviews were used with adolescent girls (aged 12 to 18 years), and two with mothers of boys and girls of those ages. The results show that interpersonal relationships are one of the factors that greatly contribute to the adolescents’ wellbeing. Girls said that the use of technology generates personal well-being because it allows them to maintain interpersonal relationships with their peers. The mothers, however, question whether overuse of technology can contribute to their personal well-being. On the other hand, girls and mothers agree to comment that the use of technology hinders the relationships that adolescents have with their parents ​
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