IBVis: Interactive Visual Analytics for Information Bottleneck Based Trajectory Clusterin

Analyzing trajectory data plays an important role in practical applications, and clustering is one of the most widely used techniques for this task. The clustering approach based on information bottleneck (IB) principle has shown its effectiveness for trajectory data, in which a predefined number of the clusters and an explicit distance measure between trajectories are not required. However, presenting directly the final results of IB clustering gives no clear idea of both trajectory data and clustering process. Visual analytics actually provides a powerful methodology to address this issue. In this paper, we present an interactive visual analytics prototype called IBVis to supply an expressive investigation of IB-based trajectory clustering. IBVis provides various views to graphically present the key components of IB and the current clustering results. Rich user interactions drive different views work together, so as to monitor and steer the clustering procedure and to refine the results. In this way, insights on how to make better use of IB for different featured trajectory data can be gained for users, leading to better analyzing and understanding trajectory data. The applicability of IBVis has been evidenced in usage scenarios. In addition, the conducted user study shows IBVis is well designed and helpful for users ​
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