La performance fotográfica digital y su condición repetitiva = The digital photo performance and its repetitive condition

Vega Mora, Brenda
The technological explosion brought a “digital performance” to life. This kind of performance was born with the use of photography as a massive means of communication through mobile technology. It has imposed itself in a daily routine that we maintain intimately with our devices. Performance ceased to be an act that contains a physically related audience and documented the action to show it afterwards. Today, it is an instantaneous action with a high impact in its digital dissemination. The redesign of the digital performance proposal goes beyond the artistic input; “we speak of performance as an act that empowers a person in search of liberation, interaction, and a growing audience”. The dichotomy in which we currently live involves how the human being handles personal technology with the activities that take place outside of it, and how the two are fed in an attempt of mutual survival, in which the winning force is who spends more time behind or interacting with a screen. Technology has already won and “the digital self” has born. The circulation of millions of images in social media promotes the repetition of actions coming from archetypes and remakes the “15 minutes of fame” ambition. This is possible thanks to a technological mediator and Internet access ​
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