Del taller mecánico al mundo complementario: los fotomontajes de Art Ringger = From the mechanical workshop to the complementary world: the photomontages of Art Ringger

This article presents a reflection on the relationship between the technique of photomontage and humour in general and the work of the Swiss Art Ringger (1946, Zurich) in particular. On the one hand, taking the hypothesis of an inherent relationship existing between humour and photomontage as a starting point, we can reread some of the best known theoretical contributions on humour and laughter, like the works of Baudelaire, Bergson and Pirandello, and establish general concepts and obligatory references for their later use in developing the aforementioned hypothesis. After an initial reflection, we will show that there is indeed an inherent relationship between comedy and photomontage, which focuses on the mechanical character shared by the two phenomena. In a second more specific development, based particularly on some fragments taken from Baudelaire, we attempt to more precisely clarify the relationship between the different nuances of comedy and the different technical possibilities of photomontage. In parallel with this theoretical reflection, we note the possible application of the results obtained to the work of photomontist Art Ringger. Finally, we arrive at the conclusion that the use of photomontage can be attributed to what we call “modest comedy”, thus distinguishing it from the two categories established by Baudelaire, that is, absolute and ordinary comedy ​
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