Del archivo físico al archivo virtual: reflexiones sobre la desmaterialización de la fotografía = From the Analog Archive to the Digital Archive: Reflections on the Dematerialisation of Photography

Guerra, Ana María
Photography has evolved from the materiality of silver gelatin to the virtuality of Computer-Generated-Images (CGI). This essay is an analysis of three artworks that use different formats of photographic archives. Gerhard Richter’s Atlas (ongoing project) is made up of physical material, Jon Rafman’s 9-Eyes (ongoing project) is composed of digital images from Google Street View, and Roc Herms’s Postcards from Home (2016) uses 3D images taken from the platform Home of PlayStation 3. The research method is two-pronged: on the one hand, I identify the similarities and the differences of how these works were conceived in the artists’ minds; and on the other hand, I examine how the medium has changed in each one. The purpose of the investigation is to define concepts like identity, objectivity, truth, and reality in analog photography, digital photography and virtual photography ​
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