Construir y desconstruir: las prácticas de comisariado en la obra de Joan Fontcuberta = Constructing and deconstructing: the curatorial practices in Joan Fontcuberta’s work

Lorenzo, Ariadna
Joan Fontcuberta is known for his popular "fictions", works of art that aim to question the dogmas of the photographic medium and the pretended objectivity of the museum institution through fiction. However, Fontcuberta’s career in the world of art is not limited to the production of artwork. Artist, critic, theorist and university professor, Fontcuberta is a multifaceted figure in the world of photography, while also playing an important role on the contemporary scene as a curator. Since 2011, in parallel to his artistic work, he has been invited to leading festivals to organize exhibitions on “post-photography”, a new concept he himself developed after the spread of the Internet and social networks. This article aims to study Joan Fontcuberta’s work in relation to curating practices. Our original perspective will allow us to review his work from a new standpoint and connect the two facets of artist and curator and their respective productions. Thus, the first part of the article will analyse his artistic work through the study of Fauna, while the second part will address his practices as a curator and his role in the creation of post-photography through the study of From Here On ​
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