Una aproximación al pictorialismo en Cataluña: cuerpo, alegoría y paisaje en la fotografía de Vilatobà, Pla Janini, Masana y Casals Ariet = An approach to Catalan Pictorialism: body, allegory and landscape in Vilatobà’s, Pla Janini’s, Masana’s and Casals Ariet’s photography

The aim of this article is to provide an in-depth analysis of Catalonia’s pictorialist photography, which came late in chronological terms, through the works of four important photographers of the period (1890-1960): Joan Vilatobà, Joaquim Pla Janini, Josep Masana and Josep Maria Casals Ariet. Despite a lack of historiography and bibliography for the works of these Catalan photographers, on these pages we will rediscover their artistic creations by taking a new look at and conducting a new interpretation of them on the one hand, and analysing their images by means of a methodology based on gender studies on the other. Thus, the article will strive to dissect their photographs, which contain three different key elements very common in Occidental Pictorialism: male and female bodies, symbolic allegories and urban and rural landscapes. Through this research, we expect to prove that Catalan pictorialist photography stems from Romanticism and European Symbolist painting and literature. However, in some cases the most direct influences are subjects or formal aspects deriving from other cultural and artistic movements, such as Classicism, Academicism and French Impressionism. By conducting an in-depth analysis, it will be necessary to decode and understand the different symbols and subtle messages that appear in these four Pictorialism photographers’ images in Catalonia ​
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