Más allá del preso: un estudio sobre las consecuencias familiares del encarcelamiento en los centros penitenciarios catalanes en el siglo XXI

Vane, Denisa Remona
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The loss of freedom of a person is an event that involves a series of consequences not only for the person but also for also for the people in their immediate environment, especially the family.This fact has triggered the question: ‘What are the consequences of imprisonment on the families in the Catalan correctional facilities in the 21st century?’ The main consequences of imprisonment on the families of those incarcerated will be described after a revision of the literature on the topic. A qualitative method has been used in this project in order to complement the theory and acquire further knowledge on how prison affects the family setting and what the main difficulties are and, consequently, the needs resulting of that. Three interviews to professionals in the correctional system have been conducted, in particular to a jurist and a teacher in the prison of Puig de les Basses, and to a social worker in the Open Centre in Girona. As for the structure of the project, firstly the key points of the research will be described. Secondly, the main aims and the methodology used will be put forward and thirdly, the results obtained in the interviews will be assessed. Finally, the conclusions will be discussed ​
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