Fantasmas que no hacen temblar: la fotografía de espectros como influjo creativo = Ghosts that don’t give you the shivers: photography of spectres as a creative influence

So-called ghost photography, in which the appearance of a being from a different world or dimension (from the realm of the dead or other variations) is supposedly captured in the negative or on the plate, is one of the most successful subgenres and has one of the longest traditions in photography. We can trace it back to almost the birth of the medium and it has survived until the present day. However, despite its enduring appeal, it has not been the object of much academic study, perhaps due to prejudice related to its origins in popular beliefs related to magic. Nonetheless, it is a paradigmatic example of the idiosyncrasy of photography itself, often regarded as a trace and, consequently, as a ghost image. On the other hand, the spectral subgenre has been instrumental in investigating the ontology of photography and stretching it to its limits, with dematerializations of the objects presented. In this article I will defend how this visual motif, related to spectres in some of its variations, ended up moving into the artistic domain. Photography manipulated with ectoplasmic material has seduced many artists, especially those belonging to avant-garde movements such as surrealism, which was already by its very nature interested in the supernatural, as well as later artists who were also inspired by this artistic movement ​
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