'Que en ell stara segura la maior nau del mon': tràfic i evolució del port de Barcelona al segle XV

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During the 15th century, the Consell de Cent (Council of One Hundred) embarked on one of the most ambitious projects hitherto undertaken: the construction of a quay in the port of Barcelona. These structural reforms involved the most extensive modification of the city shoreline in medieval times and also provided the foundations for future port constructions in modern times and the formation of the neighbourhood of the Barceloneta. The study of the medieval port is a good observation point of the changes, especially economic, that took place in the late medieval city. Although much remains to be researched, this article attempts to outline the economic processes that, based on a reading of the tax sources such as anchorage rights and archaeological materials, can be inferred and applied to the physical reality of the port ​
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