L'habitat alternatif en Catalogne, un modèle émergent?: la (re)naissance d'une "troisieme voie", entre pragmatisme et utopie

Pointelin, Richard
The research aims to analyze all current forms of alternative housing based on participation and cooperation in Catalonia, those formal initiatives with collective dimension which put the inhabitant at the center of the action. It is understood if current alternatives experiences can define a new model of housing, more participatory, supportive and cooperative. Therefore, the work is divided into three sections. The first draws the context of the issue of housing in Spain and Catalonia, as well as the current legislative framework. The second proposes to define the object of research then to frame it in the alternative housing for cross analysis of actors, structures and forms. Finally, the thesis concludes with a discussion and conclusions that allow interpreting the great challenges of this phenomenon to a paradigm shift for the appropriation and the creation of a solidarity network of housing alternative through the inter-cooperation ​
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