Propuesta metodológica para valorar la calidad escénica de los paisajes del agua y su potencial como recurso turístico = Methodological proposal to evaluate the scenic quality of waterscapes and their potential as a touristic attraction

Waterscapes in coastal tourist destinations can reduce overcrowding and seasonality, which effect tourist destinations that focus on beaches as a tourism resource. Furthermore, tourism can justify the conservation of these landscapes, which is often forgotten by urban planners, thus forming a symbiotic relationship between tourism and conservation. To this end, it is necessary to evaluate and classify the attributes of waterscapes so that they can become a tourism resource. In this paper, a method to simultaneously evaluate the scenic quality and the potential as a tourism attraction is presented. Scenic quality focuses on a multisensory perspective, one that not only considers visualscape but also soundscape and smellscape. To evaluate its tourist potential, the relevance, accessibility, equipment and long-term viability were all taken into consideration. The method is applied and tested in three waterscapes of the Costa Brava (Girona, Spain). It proved to be reliable enough from an all-round point of view to be extrapolated in other waterscapes ​
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