Mitos y realidades entorno a la prostitución: cambiando discursos dando voz a las sin voz

Vasilescu, Cristina
Currently, prostitution is approached from different points of view, often very contradictory. The majority approach circulating insistently in the journalistic, political and feminist trends consider prostitution as sexual exploitation and doesn’t discriminate forced prostitution from voluntary prostitution. Therefore, sexual workers are treated as passive victims without a capability for decision-making, at the same time increasing the stigma and making it more difficult to eradicate the actual cases of sexual exploitation. As a result of that situation and the refusal to listen to the voices of the own prostitutes about sexual work, this study is born. With the main aim of giving voice to the voiceless, the main discourse is presented divided into different mites, which have been tested through four testimonies of migrant sex workers who perform work in a hostess club in Catalonia ​
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